Plan 2


B) The second biggest return on your ATM investment is the lease option. ATMSCANADA supplies the ATM, and you provide the cash.
Partial Placement

• ATMSCANADA owns the ATM.
• We start an association of profit sharing based on the monthly cash flow volume.
• ATMSCANADA provides installation and on the new location training.
• No purchase of the ATM is required based on certain conditions.
• Free ATM service, 1-800 line
• Online Monitoring and real-time reports
• Cash level alerts on your cell
• Processing Interac services, with your bank, clients’ accounts, and your ATM
• Daily weekly deposits after midnight 5 days a week
• ATMSCANADA owns the ATM, and YOU share the profit sharing (based on the performance) at any time you can become the ATM business owner and purchase the ATM at a discount. How good does that sound?
• If you’re looking to make money from an ATM but don’t want the risk involved in purchasing or leasing the unit, then ATMSCANADA can help. ATMSCANADA will supply and install an ATM and provide all the back-end processing and maintenance. The retailer is required to load the cash and provide a dedicated high-speed internet line and electrical outlet. This program allows you to share in the profits generated by the surcharge with no investment except you vaulting the cash. How does that sound Mr. Potential business person?