ATMs Canada


Choosing the right ATM program is an important decision. Whether you are looking to purchase an ATM or simply want ATMs Canada to place an investment-free ATM in your establishment, we have the program for you.

Option A
Purchase or Lease
For retailers that want to own an ATM to maintain control and to capture the highest portion of profits, an ATM purchase or lease is the way to go. Once installed, the retailer is responsible for the on-going operation of the ATM, including the loading of cash. ATMs Canada provides back-end services such as processing, monitoring and maintenance. The business owner keeps the entire surcharge!

Option B
Partial Placement
If you’re looking to make money from an ATM but don’t want the risk involved in purchasing or leasing the unit, then ATMs Canada can help. ATMs Canada will supply and install an ATM and provide all of the back-end processing and maintenance. The retailer is required to load the cash and provide a dedicated phone line and electrical outlet. This program allows you to share in the profits generated by the surcharge with no investment.

Option C
If you’re looking for all the benefits of an ATM solution in order to offer cash to customers in your high-traffic locations, but do not want the risk involved with the up-front investment of a lease or purchase or the responsibility of the day-to-day operation of an ATM, then the Full Placement program is for you. ATMs Canada will install an ATM and will be responsible for its day-to-day operation at no cost to you. The only requirement is for you to rent us the space.

ATMs Canada:

  • Offers you its “Turn-key Solution” for all your ATM needs.
  • No more worries or hassles related to maintaining large sums of cash on hand.
  • Don’t entrust the management of your money to just anyone; do business with the experienced professionals at ATMs Canada.
  • Will place an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and install appropriate signs reflecting the availability of an ATM at the establishment,
  • Will provide and ensure the continuous availability of funds in the ATM,
  • Will provide a suitable insurance covering the ATM and its content,
  • Will provide a weekly and/or monthly report, summarizing all the transactions processed through the ATM,
  • Will provide all technical-support and maintenance as needed,
  • Will pay all the operational costs incurred for the normal operations,
  • Will pay a monthly commission relative to the number of transactions.

Option D
Processing Only (Free)
Do you already own an ATM? Are you unsatisfied with your current transaction processor? Do you want a better service? ATMs Canada can provide you with reliable, cost effective transaction processing and monitoring for your ATMs across Canada (by Frisco ATMs). ATMs Canada can also service any model and make of ATM.